"The extraordinary story of Ringl and Pit offers a splendid cast of characters, from Brecht to de Kooning...They are remarkable women, and this documentary, vividly capturing precious slivers of history, does them full justice." - John J. O'Connor, New York Times

A captivating portrait of Grete Stern and Ellen Auerbach, two pioneering artists who met in Berlin in 1929 and started the "ringl + pit" studio to do advertising photography. Full of humor and vitality at 91 and 89 years old, they reflect on their work, their lifelong friendship, and what being a "New Woman" was like 70 years ago.

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Challenging the expectations of their Jewish middle-class parents, Stern and Auerbach opened their studio in 1929, in the midst of an exciting time of social liberation, expanding mass media, economic upheaval and political change. Stern also spent a year at the legendary Bauhaus school. "ringl + pit" soon won international prizes, for work that subverted the images of women in mainstream advertising.

But when the Nazis came to power, Grete and Ellen fled, with Ellen eventually settling in New York and Grete in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Ellen photographed during her travels and later worked with emotionally disturbed youth. Grete became one of the most influential figures in Argentine photography.

Produced and directed by JUAN MANDELBAUM
Original Music by GUSTAVO MORETTO
A GEOVISION Production.
59 minutes | color | 1995