“A welcome gift of this holiday has been the time to view your Ringl and Pit without interruptions. Now I must arrange to see it with two old friends who will be as delighted as I am at the thoughtfulness, good humor and understanding in this fascinating portrait of two fascinating ‘old’ people…” George C. Stoney, Professor of Film/TV (January 19, 1998)

“Me he quedado muy emocionado hoy en la noche despues de ver tu maravilloso documental. Me parece que esta filmado con tanto gusto, con tanta agilidad, siempre respetando a las dos protagonistas con sus tremendas personalidades.” Pedro Meyer (February 3, 1996)

Ringl and Pit is a magnificent film and wish it could be shown at theaters throughout the world. It is most inspiring!” Mindy Weisel, painter and teacher (February 2, ?)

“What a charming story of two very different and fascinating women. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and felt very inspired by it. You are very lucky to have come into their orbit and you’ve obviously made this project a labor of love.” Elizabeth Taylor-Mead, Firebird Films (January 31, 1997)

“Those two women are simply amazing. Not just as artists, but as people. And you got them. I loved the moment of Brecht, the Great one, orating for eternity and no one. But most moving were those two vital and loving women. Not the sort of people you meet every day.” M. Levine (October 14, 1996)

“… Se muestra lo que se desea sin sobrecargas, ni esteticismos del responsable de la autoría. Refleja con seriedad la vida y obra de estos personajes de la fotografía, que son historia viva cercana y no tanto. Me parece que lo mejor trabajo de tu hermano, radica en las ilustraciones (estáticas o cinéticas) de época… en las opiniones y charlas de las mismas.” Moranio (?) (June 5, 1995)

Ringl and Pit is a wonderful portrait of these two extraordinary women, the time they lived in, and their achievements. I regret that I saw it today otherwise I would have gone to all three showings.” Ruth Gutman, Brookline, MA

“…I was most moved by Ringl and Pit. It touched me at multiple levels: the art and originality of their early work, their adventurous spirits, their abilities to move and adapt to new cultures, and, perhaps most of all, their continued growth regardless of age – this was inspiration I need to remind myself not to give up on dreams that I have of learning new things and creating, both in new directions and with my present career.” Joshua Seeger, Lexington, MA

“The evening was a great success because of your wonderful film and engaging presentation. I still get comments from people about what a lovely event it was.” Kay Wilson, The Boston Jewish Film Festival

“I saw Ringl and Pit and it is one of the best films ever about artists.” Pamela Markham, New York, NY

“…You’ve made a multifaceted film about two engaging, remarkable, multifaceted women. I hope it will be shown many more times – I want to see it again, and I want many of my friends to see it.” Martha Davidson, Washington, DC

“I enjoyed Ringl and Pit tremendously. I viewed it at the home of my sister-in-law, Freeja von Moltke, who is 84 years old (her husband Helmuth James von Moltke was hung by Hitler). We saw it together and were both very moved, by the story, by the two women with their wonderful faces and the lively, vivacious ways they talked about their lives. I think you did a wonderful job with that film, capturing the spirit of them, of the times and creating a ‘testifying’ work of art which communicates and makes us share. And I am happy to report that not only I saw it twice, but that (my sister-in-law’s) grandchildren (two of which teach film and literature and work on their dissertation) and children saw it with me a loved it! Very bright and critical people, all of them! Thank you for having done this!” Veronica Jochum von Moltke, Cambridge, MA

“What an immense pleasure to see Ringl and Pit. I loved it – the music, the laughter, the story and history and art. I walked out of the theater with a huge smile, as did everyone else. You did a masterful job crafting the film. Congratulations!” Jill Medvedow, Brookline, MA

“I loved it – it is such a different history of photo in the ____ ___! And – most importantly – these women are such an amazing and inspiring sheer presence – shows here continents. The [film] reveals a poignant story of friendship and sympathies.” Patty Zimmerman, Professor of Film, Ithaca College (March 12, 1996)

“I was gradually ‘hooked’ by the personalities of these two women and totally taken in by them by the end. I found it astonishing and inspiring that they are in their 90’s – what a way to live life! Since I still haven’t figured out what I want to be when I grow up, it was great to see people who kept exploring and discovering as they aged. I loved their later photography, and actually would have like to know even more about their personal circumstances… what interesting characters!” Lise (March 4, 1996)

“Gracias por su Ringl & Pit! Gracias en doble sentido: por haberme facilitado el vídeo… pero más, por haberlo pensado y realizado. Es una hermosa travesía por el siglo que se nos está acabando, por el arte y por el tiempo, la amistad y el pudor de las pasiones humanas. Contaste con un gran material básico – archivo y dos mujeres formidables – pero ya hablando como ‘filmmaker’, hay un gran concepto narrativo para organizar y dar homogeneidad y unidad de estilo a todo ese material tan diverso, que atraviesa épocas y lugares tan diferentes… Observado con frialdad y desde cierta distancia te has detenido con el material ‘documental’ y ‘testimonial’ en el ubmral de un film de ficción sobre dos hermosos personajes, por la delicadeza y el vigor en la indagación de sus vidas.” Juan Bautista (January 14, 1996)

“…a wonderful postcard from the time period. It was also impressive how warm and relaxed they were in front of the camera. In spite of their dynamic personalities, it was a testament to your filmmaking ability. It was a film that celebrated the art spirit and the rewards of a lifetime of creativity, which is the ‘fountain of youth.’ I was grateful that you decided to emphasize their solo careers. The photo images were staggeringly beautiful. They are receiving notoriety as a team, but their individual efforts are remarkable.” Robert Kaufman (April 10, 1995)


Ringl and Pit is full of historic interest and charm” Eric Barnouw (August 21, 1996)